Waste Recycling

The removal of waste throughout our facilities is managed effectively through a waste management contract and the provision of recycling facilities meaning our recycling rate remains high. Environmental performance is monitored, for example energy consumption and waste production, and projects are implemented to improve performance.
What we are doing:

  • Recycling policy introduced into housekeeping announcements
  • Remove all dates from documents, advertisements and marketing
  • Best recycling rates in the University of Hertfordshire
  • Compost heap at Fielder Centre for food waste
  • No glass waste at Fielder Centre
  • Use of WEEE for all equipment: Cartridges, Electrical goods, PCs
  • Catering equipment
  • Use clear bags to improve recycling figures
  • All waste separated at source
  • University of Hertfordshire recycling strategy followed

Future commitment:

  • Investigate replacement for tetra paks
  • Investigate use of reusable catering disposables
  • Improve food waste figures