Paper Use

The majority of UH Venues communication with its customers is via email or via the telephone thereby reducing the need for paperwork. We have recently launched a new brochure and soon this will also be available to send out electronically to prospective clients, posting out hard copies only when specifically requested.

Within the department, all photocopies and printers have been set to double sided copying as a default and all written matter that is printed out is on a double sided sheet.

What we are doing:

  • Online marketing reduces use of paper in promotional material
  • Brochures all available online
  • Pads reduced from A4 to A5, with fewer sheets – 80% reduction in paper
  • All pens and pencils are biodegradable
  • Flipchart pads all recycled paper
  • Procedures online
  •  Offer organisers members area for handouts to reduce paper use

Future commitment:

  • Investigate paperless meetings
  • Charge organisers for photocopying to reduce paper use
  • Make all booking contracts and Terms and Conditions online using electronic signatures