Our Commitment

Our commitment to implementing best environmental practice is demonstrated through:

• Meeting, and wherever possible exceeding environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements relevant to the events industry.

• Reducing our contribution to climate change through implementing a systematic programme of projects and initiatives.

• Preventing pollution by reducing emissions and discharges.

• Reducing our use of natural resources such as energy and water.

• Promoting resource efficiency through preventing and minimising waste production and diverting waste from landfill through increasing re-use, recycling and recovery.

• Engaging with all staff to promote environmental awareness and responsibility in everything we do by providing appropriate communication and training.

• Reviewing all our activities on a regular basis in order to continually improve our environmental performance in relation to all activities and services.

• Engaging with our suppliers by promoting the University’s Environmental Procurement policy in order to source cost effective, environmentally sustainable goods and services wherever possible.

• Engaging with our customers, whether organisers or delegates, to reduce the environmental impact of all events and all activities associated with these events.

• The Deputy Director (Hospitality) is responsible for the environmental performance of UH Venues. However, all staff, suppliers, customers and delegates are encouraged to share this responsibility.