UH Venues works hard to ensure our energy management programme is implemented across all our premises.

All buildings will display Energy Certificates showing the actual energy consumed and carbon emitted in the preceding three years. In addition an Advisory report will be issued for each building identifying areas where improvements can be made.

During UH Venues events, where possible, a ‘switch-off’ and ‘turn it down’ policy is in operation for lighting and heating.

What we are doing:

  • Review heating systems daily to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Toilets are dual flush where possible
  • Check rooms constantly to ensure lights are off when not needed
  • Make sure computers are off when not in use
  • Room thermostats turned down by one degree
  • Towel reuse policy in all bedrooms
  • PIRs in all kitchens
  • Targets set for energy reduction
  • Car park lights turned off at night if not in use
  • Energy use monitored

Future commitment:

  • Improve lighting management
  • Investigate use of LED lighting
  • Encourage organisers to turn off air conditioning or heating one hour before end of meeting
  • Dishwashers and glass washers used only where there is a full load
  • All electrical goods purchased to be rated A