Sustainability, carbon emissions, biodiversity, climate change, renewable energy – newspapers today are full of articles and reports discussing these issues, which even twenty years ago would have been very low down on most people’s agendas.

The reason why such issues have become such a high priority is that we are all much more aware of our responsibility to help create a more sustainable future.

We all have a personal responsibility, of course, which is why we segregate our rubbish at home, turn off lights when they are not needed, or turn down the thermostat in the hall by a degree or two. Yet this responsibility applies to businesses just as well, and UH Venues is committed to sharing this responsibility by ensuring that everything we do makes us more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

This document will show just what we have been doing – whether it is reducing the size of our notepads so that we use less paper, making sure all meeting rooms only have the lights on when they are being used, or offering great deals on coach hire to encourage the use of public transport.

We have also made sure that our staff are engaged fully in this process and the majority of the ideas and initiatives have been suggested and implemented by them.

We want to extend that responsibility, and ask you, as a client of ours, a conference organiser or a delegate, to join us in making all events held with UH Venues as green as possible.

So please have a look, see what we are doing and what you could be doing, and let us know if together we can get things even better!