Filming Enquiries

The University of Hertfordshire has a vast range of unique locations on both campuses for a variety of filming shots.

Previous shots of the University can be seen on Eastenders, Silk, Holby City, Lewis, Silent Witness and more.

The mock law court was opened in 2011 as the main feature of the law court building. The room has a public viewing gallery from above allowing unique shot oppourtunities. Through its innovative design the room provides a naturally ventilated, comfortable and sound proofed environment.

The Law Court Building’s interior is one of the university’s most sought after areas of the de Havilland campus. Primarily glass, the building allows in a high amount of natural light; with its distinctive architecture this helps to create a marvelous atmosphere for a modern layout.

As well as its interior, the exterior of the Law Court Building has been used in previous filming days, most recently as the Magistrates’ Court in Eastenders. A tour of the Law Court Building by the UH School of Law can be found here.

For more information on the University of Hertfordshire’s potential filming locations, contact a member of our team on 01707 285032 or email