Book your Accommodation Online: ConferenceHertfordshire launches Bed Booker

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Booking accommodation at the University of Hertfordshire has become a whole lot easier as ConferenceHertfordshire rolls out its new online bed booker. The system allows guests to book the University Accommodation through the website with minimal effort, easing the pressure on their event organisers. As well as the benefits for corporate bookings, there is a great opportunity to increase the volume and maximise occupancy of the 3000+ rooms which the campuses has vacant over the summer period with individual bed-nights and medium sized group travel.

University rooms are a fantastic budget option which most seeking accommodation rarely consider. As the project progresses ConferenceHertfordshire are excited to become a part of the more mainstream booking sites such as, branching the budget option into a market where there may not be enough awareness of the budget options available.

Booking online is available now, click the book online tab above to see whats available.


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